Conspiracy or not the Flu shot….

So here I was before  Nov. 3rd 2015 .. feeling my usual self. Always hungry, hyper, keeping busy, cooking and cleaning. Being me. Then my job told me I have two options get the flu shot or wear a daily mask for 6 months (supposedly that’s how long flu season is extending too) and I would have to change it 2x a day. It was like a fucking prescription.   At first I thought the mask don’t sound  so bad let me try this. I didn’t even lasted 2 days. I didn’t like the mask rubbing on my lips constantly or the fact most people I spoke to kept asking me to repeat myself like just because I was wearing a face mask they couldn’t hear me clear. smh. It wasn’t  just 2x a day I had to change it, it was more like 4x,they forgot lunch hour I had to change it then too. Also, I didn’t get my own personal box they put it in the front desk and you just take one from there. I seen workers and patients grab one then put it back ewww.

So the next day (on my day off), Election day, more specific, I go over to Duane Reade and fill out the required documents to get the Flu shot.  It was quick and easy. I go to work the next day and tell my supervisor that I have gotten the flu shot show proof and now I’m in the clear.

A couple of  days later, are you reading this JUST A COUPLE  DAYS LATER. I start to feel not myself. I know this may sound weird but I actually felt tingling all over my body reminding me of a horror sci-fi movie where they inject bugs into someone. I felt the bug inside of me 😦 I woke up as usual but this time I was feeling tired, and weak. I noticed that I didn’t have an appetite for my usual breakfast and that I was becoming lazy. I started drinking tea, taking it easy and eating soup. It felt like the beginning of a cold but not quite. A few days after those symptoms that’s when I really noticed my body change and mood changes. I stopped eating, all I wanted was to sleep. I was getting chills actually I felt I was freezing. I kept taking showers thinking let me keep clean, let me try to keep killing these COLD GERMS. year right.. I got moody everything and everyone bothered me. I started to cough, a dry cough no mucus yet. Coughing like if I was a smoker. My taste buds are almost non-existence, I could have eaten a raw whole onion and not taste the shit. Ears occasionally getting clogged and my head feeling heavy. Sound familiar? The doctor try to tell me it might be sinus .. smh you damn liars .. I don’t suffer from sinus not have a history of getting that shit. But, I do know what I got a damn flu shot that is slowly but surely fucking with my immune system. I was informed the incubation period for a live virus is about 4 days but it don’t matter it’s in your system and it has done damage already.

Nov. 13 2015 I am still sick. Truly sick. Had a fever last night and woke up with a mini mouth soar. So of course we all know this is contagious. I still don’t have my appetite. My nose is stuffed and running. The only symptom that I haven’t gotten is soar throat but I have everything else. My head feels heavy my vision is semi blurred  (that’s probably because I haven’t eaten good), I am just so miserable. I keep drinking water and tea to keep hydrated. I don’t like this feeling. I can’t stand that this was done to me. I don’t get sick just out the blue. No one else is sick in my household but me. I keep changing my bed sheets. It’s now labeled a cold by my physical md. She is treating me for allergies, sinus, and head cold. 😦 everything but for the flu.

Conspiracy or not .. The flu shot did get me from being healthy to being sick. I am not against vaccines but this one I will stop getting It is not worth all these symptoms and discomfort. And when you do get it you just have to wait for it to leave on its own.

Ima stop writing gonna take some type of pills so I can rest now.



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A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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