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So our children have it good when they finish high school and go straight to college or if not college at least some type of trading school.   I say this because here I am more than 10yrs from leaving my academic life behind and yet I’m back to school. Yep, I joined the thousands of grownups that went back to school for whatever reason we had too.

I didn’t jump straight into college. There was no way I could of done that. I am taking free remedial classes (well at least that’s what I call it)   because like most of us (out of sync with school) I had no clue to where begin. I didn’t want to register, pay and waste my time taking classes that I don’t even get credits for. So here I am taking writing and math 2x a week for 8 weeks. 

Ima tell you the con of this. I don’t think teachers/professors realize that there is a huge difference in teaching young adults that come straight from high school vs. grown ass people who after all these years feel no one should tell them what to do (lol) hahahaha .. ok that might not made sense to you but let me give you a few back ups of what I’m talking about then you might see what I mean.


Writing class (Monday’s): The first day of class she gave an essay to write and told us (repeatedly) that according to how she grades this essay it will decide if we stay in her class or go to another writing level class. I understood immediately what she was saying. But half the fucking class (all over the age of 35) kept asking  dumb questions. YES CONTRARY TO WHAT TEACHERS ALWAYS SAY “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DUMB QUESTION”, I BELIEVE THAT NOT ONLY ARE THERE DUMB QUESTIONS  ASKED BUT ALSO DUMB ANSWERS, DUMB ASS PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD, AND PEOPLE DO DUMB THINGS ALL THE TIME ..  godddd it feels good to let this out of my system.

Shit, I wanted to answer for the teacher already and say you know what I believe you dumb fucks might not stay in this intermediate to advance writing class because how can you be ok writers and not fucking understand what she just said. But of course I couldn’t  say that. So I just sat there reading my book Once by Cameron Dokey, until the teacher resume.

I can’t compare her way of teaching with anyone recent because I haven’t been in school or taken a class in a while. I thought she was doing an ok job. She started with the basics of reminding us what’s a sentence structure, asked us to download the dictionary and thesaurus, and gave a whole class on: word forms. I just had to learn to shut the fuck up when I wanted to spaz out on these grown ass people asking these questions. I need to practice this because I am the newly PTA President at my oldest high school and I know the parents are gonna start asking the most annoying questions.

so this is what happened, only 3 Monday’s later, her class and the other lever class merge and she’s gone no longer working with the agency. Who knows what happened but you know (if you are a grown up that have worked in your fucking life) that the agency will not fucking tell you exactly what happened because that is not professional or they can probably get sued or it’s just straight up gossip. But do you think these grown ass people thought about this NO, they kept asking where is she, what happened and then they even went on to have some opinions about what they think happened and actually wanted to fucking discuss it. I’m not even exaggerating the class starts at 6 and it was well into 7 and the our new teacher hasn’t even been given a change to start the lesson. fml.. I was so upset I wanted to fucking shout you stupid mother fuckers this is a free class no one is obligated to fucking stay if one teacher is gone so fucking what you have another one. I just wanted to start writing and get to know the rules of writing because I need this I don’t give a fuck which teacher is the one showing me. wooosaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…
Which leads me to the last point I want to bring up, the original class is set for 6 weeks because the female professor was a private contract and she charges per head vs this new teacher who is consider in-house and he gets paid according to contract so with this we can get 2 more classes making it a total of 8 weeks and omfuckinggoodness you should have been there when one grown ass woman (50+) was going on and on how this messes up her plans and she barely wants to go to the 6 weeks and blablabla,, I wanted to say bitch you can leave now no one is forcing you SERIOUSLY. But the teacher couldn’t say such things so he was cool let her vent and then told her nicely she if she can’t make it to the last 2 classes oh well. Now hopefully, we can resume our regular schedule classes. lol

Math Class (Wednesday): another fucking stress due to asking 100,000 (lol) questions.. the instructor said in the 1st day of class that he will not be intensively going over the previous week’s work. but it seems that because people are asking dumb questions he has no choice, I blame that fact that I am almost 99.9% sure that once we leave the class these mofo’s are not practicing what they just relearn because the following it’s like they forgot EVERYTHING, damn I feel as if I can remember the rules so can they. I see them (the grown ups )lol talking to each other while the instructor gives the lesson, they be on their phones, or doing something else. How the fuck do you except to learn anything like this? better yet, how do you expect our youth will do better when they do the same thing.

I thought it would have been a good thing to go back to school with mostly people my age, but now I see when I start the real college I hope I’m with mostly freshly high school graduates vs. grown ups that because they are grown they feel a certain type of way when told what to do. Not that I’m saying the teens/young adults aren’t bad asses that will make you wanna curse them out but I know they have a more respectful atmosphere and they are much easier to teach than grown folks. And I know the teachers struggle to talk reasonable with us because of this fact that they not older than us..the generation that went back to school have forgotten to just listen first before talking and to pay attention. I feel they bring too much personal life experience into the class room vs. the younger generation that haven’t accumulated so many as us. and that delays the lessons, the real lessons of the classroom. 😦
I hope the rest of these classes go better than the intro. because I really want to know the basics and get as much as I can. I miss my kids and my personal time. I can’t even go dancing as much as I use too and I have homework which I have to make time for all this I am willing to sacrifice and do because I truly want to become a better scholar and be able to help my children with school work, I want to impress you guys with some of my writing skills and most of all I want to feel I accomplished this for myself. but please I ask of those that are going back to school ASK YOUR QUESTIONS IN YOUR HEAD FIRST, YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED THAT YOU CAN ANSWER MOST OF THEM YOURSELF, BECAUSE IF YOU GOT ANYTHING FROM THIS BLOG IS THAT THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A DUMB QUESTION IS JUST PROFESSIONALS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THIS TO YOUR FACE..

happy blogging,

ps this is my #50th blog yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh happy


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A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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  1. John Saint-Hilaire says:

    I feel that going back to school at an advanced age is just like getting a job… Some people can’t get the job…. Just because they are OVER qualified…. If you bring your baggage keep it under wraps… Try to learn… If you know it… Good… Keep it under wraps and let the teacher keep teaching… One…

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