My tats

Hi, let me blog about something that has taken meaning in my life, my body and my time. My tats. 🙂

I think ima say what got me to get my 1st tat was the constant going to a tattoo shop that my friend started working in. I believe the constant exposure just made it easier to get it. I remember clearly not knowing what I wanted and going thru the shop books not knowing what to pick. And the tattoo artist to whom I was recommended told me ” If you can’t choose, then you’re not ready to get a tat because this is permanent”. So I didn’t get anything for a few months after I decided to get one.

Then one day at work (it’s almost always at work where I get my aha moments) I decided I wanted to get something to represent my 3 kids. So I started googleling (I think I just made this word up) things up. I wanted them to be represented with cute bugs hahahaha , I also wanted a heart for each. After a few days I had found what I wanted. Let me tell you, I don’t know if it’s just me but I put in lots of work and time looking for my tats. I mean you have to find the picture or quote, the size you want and the colors or maybe it’s just me that takes weeks to prepare.

On the chair… By this point I’m so nerves, my sleeves were rolled up and he shaved my arm (lol) and had this carbon transfer of the pics soon to be tats, in my arm. It already looked perfect. If you ask me to compare a tat artist with a doctor I will say Dentist . Lol hahahaha .. Once he turned on the machine I freaked. I didn’t ask the stupid question most people ask

does it hurt?

Fuck yeah ,what you think asses you cutting thru your skin. But at least I can say this, it does hurt but it’s a tolerable pain, nothing too crazy or too strong and it’s only for a short while. But I’m not gonna front, I did ask for breaks and more breaks lol glad the tat artist wasn’t in a rush lol.. So here is a pic of my very 1st tat.

My boys are the bugs my daughter the ladyfairy and 3 hearts for my 3 seeds “Sonia3kids”

I thought the worst part was over, I mean what can be worst then or than (I can’t tell) paying someone to actually burn (yes that’s the feeling) thru your skin and add ink to it.. You know what’s worst the damn healing. crap that process is long and not easy. For me it’s the most important . depending on the healing.. is how good your new tat will look for years. That’s my opinion.. ima make,this post quick.. Once you pass the no touching the tat (it includes some clothing), no scratching (it will itch like a motherfucker), the temptation of peeling it (lol) and the not over treating it with ointments then you good..the new tattoo is healed and hopefully healthy.

This was about 6 years ago (my  1st tat), I’m now reporting that it’s 2013 and I currently have about 17 different tats on my body.. Lmao I got addicted and I fell in love with the idea you can get something drawn to your body and it becomes permanent, it’s yours.

Of course all my tats have a meaning and they were all chosen carefully or at least I would like to think I choose the right ones for me.. let me show you my art work.




I got 2 tats to represent my zodiac sign (scorpio), a heart monitor because I gave life to three children, my 1st rose because I was dying for a flower tat (lol), I have about 9 heart tats, oh and one of my favorite

the Tree of Life

I am not finisned, but I’m gonna start slowing down. I already have some print out of what’s next then ima chill. My children don’t like that I have so many tats, and sometimes I don’t like the attention it brings me. But overall I keep myself happy with my choices and one day they will understand.
One more pic my 1st quote

let love find

I want to get this done over of at least fix the f but it was free hand and I think it doesn’t look too bad lol

Happy blogging, and love a girl with tattoos..



About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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