Law of attraction sucks


Hi.. I was just wondering what makes us attracted to some people and not others.. I understand the physical,mental,and whatever else is included in this law of attraction…which is great otherwise we would just be able to fall in and out of love with absolutely anyone/everyone and NOT have our own taste. But seriously I wish I can get attracted to this guy simply because he wants to help me with my everyday things.. Like change a light bulb, install my air conditioner, take me out to dinner or wherever I want if I ask him on some just to getaway from my everyday stress type shit, I buy those do it yourself kits from Ikea and he is more than willing to put it together with his awesome power drills and shit. But I find him fucking ugly lol.. Smh I mean I have had worst looking guys trying to date me and those I can turn away quickly because I let them know right away no thanks, but this one he was (is) a friend and just happened to fucking confess that he liked me damn (urgggggggg) I am gonna admit I kind of knew this but since I was giving him 0 signals I thought by now (a few months into our friendship) that he would get the fucking point without me having to say or do something about it. yet he is so damn nice and pretty fun. It’s just the personal taste is not there for me. I hate that saying that goes

Nice guys finish last, or girls always go for the bad guys

but that.. my followers because most nice guys are fucking ugly.. I wish I can just close my eyes and feel outside my box. I am getting older and I need someone like him. I know he is trying to find someone too. but I know I just can’t. I spend too much fucking money and time on my face, hair and feet/nails (notice I exclude my body lmao) to look the best that I can with what I have to be stuck with a ugly duckling because he doesn’t see that he can fix himself up to look the best he can for himself and esp. for others. I am not gorgeous by any means, but I present myself in a certain way and I expect my partner to do the same. I know without a doubt that I am very pretty. I have been told by too many people of all gender, race and background to not know this much is true. I don’t go for beautiful model looking men in fact I will say I have pretty ugly taste myself but the men I am attracted to have nice skin, full lips, always clean cut hair, and they are not foreign to pedi/mani. I have to be comfortable to take a picture with them and show it off to the world and with this one guy who is nice and so cool I don’t see myself being able to. I just don’t find him not even cute. He is balding (and he’s so young) and I know he can’t do much about that but admit it and go bald or stop fucking getting the same hair cut that you are use to when you did have hair. Also his fingernail are ewwwwww he once told me that he uses his hand to work a lot and I get it, we all need to work but do you think those fingers will ever go inside a pussy? I don’t know about his ex but it isn’t surely going in mines. you see little things like that makes me see the person (him) ever uglier. I am in my 40’s and too old to try to shape a person to my liking I already know what I like in a person and I just go straight to look for those qualities.
So I don’t want to be mean to this nice person, always serviceable and funny and cool to chill with and talk too but the Law of Attraction is in the way lol it doesn’t let me close my eyes and open my heart it doesn’t let me see that he might be 80% of what I would need but not want in my future. Someone that I know if I give him a chance he will try never ever to fuck up because I look 101% way better than him. I know I sound vain but fuck it .. it’s the truth . I know what I’m talking about. I see some couples outside in the streets and I wonder how the hell are they together only because the 1st thing I notice is the big difference in appearance. I try to over look that and be more humble after all I’m fucking single but I just can’t. I won’t be happy with someone I find ugly.
well I have been ignoring him and he is slowly taking the hint it’s like I have no choice, I don’t want to be like oh I’m not interested but yet I like hanging out with him. It will make me feel like a hypocrite and probably hurt his feelings even more. There is a saying that goes

pa lo gusto se hicieron los colores

and that is what I will say to myself for letting a nice guy who probably won’t hurt me or cheat on me and will take care of me GO… just because for our taste the different colors were created. 😦
I will now fix myself a drink and share 2 pics. 1 of myself and 1 of what I will be drinking tonight.

I don’t mean to sound conceited or diss the nice guys that finish last. I also am not here to let them know what would help them get girls more often. It is always about appearance first (don’t give me that bullshit that is not) and grooming is one of the most important part of an adult. By our early 30’s we should have figured this out. I thought maybe with time I might get to like him that certain way he wants since I already like him as a person but I just can’t and there is not point in trying to go against the Law of Attraction lmao

Happy Blogging

Tonights drink
Me myself and I 2013


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