My club days still strong

Well it started one day while I was at work and making my daily schedule plans for my children, bills, life, food, exercise routine, and whatever else I think of at the moment.

I have been doing this routine for a few years and I can honestly say this helps me sort out my life’s problems lol or at least lets me see in black/white what my responsibilities are so I can make some chances and see where my priorities are at.

Then out of curiosity, (yes, I still get curious) I went to a website called the website is very easy to navigate. I got an index card and a pen and started my quest (I love this word). I started with Sunday the website doesn’t have any party listing for Sunday but I know of a stop to go which is in the Bronx. Next I clicked on Monday they also didn’t have a spot listed but I know where to go they pretty good and have $5 dollars big jugs of margaritas 🙂 now comes Tuesday it listed I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SPOT.. I am now a regular there after work, now comes Wednesday they don’t have anything listed that caught my attention but I have a spot to go to ANOTHER SPOT THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH and yes I became a regular here also, moving on to Thursday they don’t have anything listed but I know where you can find me on Thursday’s at OMG WHAT A GREAT time I had (though they need a bigger dancing space, but if you with friends to just chill and look pretty and drink $5 dollars drinks ) this is the place too be, so here comes Friday they list I went there with 2 coworkers and we had a great time, the food was good and the drinks were pretty strong ;it was only a one time thing though because on Friday’s I like to explore different venues. My recent spot on Friday’s has been, it’s a hookah bar with a hip atmosphere, I am dying to go with a few friends here, last but not least Saturday here it’s mostly nightclubs but I’ve been to all the ones listed with they now include Sofritos for a Saturday nightclub, I have to check this out soon to see if Saturday’s are as great as Thursday’s, I went to TajII DID NOT ENJOY MYSELF glad I went in free, and I am also a regular at the Copa on Saturday nights so I go there as a last resort lol.

SO far these are all after work spots that turn into a night club (with the exception on Saturday or Sunday). But my quest did not end here. I found another website which is super great they don’t list anything for Monday (which I now take as a resting day lmao), Tuesday they have GlassBar (the thing with this club is that they change locations weekly), and they have, I have not been here but for the next upcoming week I will give this venue a try, Wednesday they have again and Thursday they have again and EmpireHotel Rooftop event, I’ve been here it is not my crowd and last they have Friday’s which also list and XVInyc Rooftop I’ve been to this one too and I didn’t like it..

I have enough places to enjoy my summer after work days, before school starts and the heavy weather hits us and these expensive holidays starts to pile up. I also want to say that I ROLL TO THESE PLACES ABSOLUTLY SOLO.. NO NEW FRIENDS OR OLD FRIENDS LOL I GO OUT BY MYSELF AND HAVE A FUCKING GREAT TIME.. Yes I’m weird like this ..

I regret not blogging about these specific places at the time I was actually there, usually my phone battery is half way wasted by 9pm so I can’t blog. but you would have enjoyed some of my stories (like the time I was at the Copa and had half of the club partyers copying my moves, they thought I was a Zumba instructor hahahahaha), I would have loved to be a CRITIC for the moment. Also I will get my brunch list together and add them later, I love the brunch experience and have gone to about 12 different spots.

Happy Blogging,
Happy Summer


About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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