I am upset at myself/what I hate and love about myself

Hi.. I am so upset at myself.. I’ve simply stopped blogging and I can’t come up with a valid reason.. 😦
I ment to carry paper and pencil to write down my thoughts and opinions at random but that didn’t happen, then I figured I buy a recorder and make it simple by just talking now and typing later when I get home but that never came around.. I think I mainly stopped because it is suggested to blog about something you know well, a passion or interest that I won’t get bored with writing  and at the end it turns out I enjoy  writing about my life..  Lol I enjoy being ME   but I still want to catch peoples attention with something else,  Why is that?  Well anyways I will give this yet another try.. And hopefully I will get the hang of it…
And yes mostly it will be about me and the million things that happens to me.

I want to make a brief list of things that I’m disappointed with myself:
1. My weight 😦  I def. can fucking lose about 20lbs. damn this shit is hard, and don’t think I don’t eat healthy cause 70% of the time I do lol and I’m very active (my own version of active lmao) I just think I’m ment to be chubby but I hate that my health is not in it’s best shape.
2. My manners :-\ don’t get me wrong I say please and thank you, it’s just I curse way too fucking much and I have tantrums and yes I can be very rude esp. If You Fucking Bore Me with Stupidity Lol
3. My education experience 😥  I wish I had a current degree or even enrolled back in college, I have a bachelors in Business Management but heck that was ages ago, I no longer know math or any current software programs, I would be lost if I was to have to get a new job these days
4. My relationship with my mother/sister 😦  it fucking sucks big time and the most sad part is that it’s not really fixable, none of us puts in effort to try to change or understand each other
5. My money =-O  I spend so much money (any amount is too much) on so much crap seriously I can’t fucking stand this about me, gamestop-target-family dollar places I don’t need to go so often, why do I do this, there’s no need I only come up with the conclusion that this is an addiction a bad habit something that my kids have learned to con me with lol yes I blame my children for my shopping of crap habit lol
6. I hate that at this age I’m still super single with absolutely no hope in getting a partner lol hahahahahahaahaha (don’t get me wrong, I love being a single mother of 3, but my kids are growing and I secretly want a partner for my old age)

Let me make this even  by writing some of the things I love about myself:
1. My dancing 🙂  I swear ima queen of dancing lol I just simply love it and love the fact that I love it so much and still go to clubs and dance my ass off
2. I love that I am a mother first,before another title.. 😀 I was born to be my children’s Queen
3. I love my cooking lol though I need to improve on my pasta variation but damn I cook awesome
4. I love that I’m honest,dependable,and my words has worth of pure silver and gold
5. I love that I’m independent, I don’t answer to absolutely none, I follow job rules and regulations but overall I still do it my way. Fuck that lol
these might sound like simple things to like about yourself but I’ll take the little things over nothing.

Happy blogging


About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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2 Responses to I am upset at myself/what I hate and love about myself

  1. Don’t stop blogging. I like reading about your life, that’s what’s so interesting to me, reading about what other’s are doing. It sounds like you know yourself well too. We all have stuff we gotta work on!

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