someone like me


I miss blogging.. I can’t believe how fast I got out of this just as fast as I got in it… I keep meaning to just do it and stick to it… if anything because I truly like blogging.. I do this with everything in my life… I started the gym fitness life and just ended that shit last month after giving it a go for 4 months…. it was cool.. lol I start projects then I’m like ..when am I going to finish lol.. I’m pretty sure I will remain this way …

I met someone ( a man)  that reminds me of fucking much … and that hasn’t happened in a very long time.. maybe never… I know we share the same sign .. the deadly one.. and that we have things in common.. you see.. sometimes when we talk some of things he say , I realize those are my same thoughts… (different words) but same thinking.. and in some occasions when this has happened it SHOCKS ME.  It shocks me to hear and agree at what he’s thinking or how he is saying it, it makes sense to me it sound just about right but at the same time think how fucked up at what he just said or damn that’s hard or worst sometimes I be like what a jerk.. lol  if I really start to think and concentrate.. then some memory of something I said comes to haunt me …I sometimes Welcome those thoughts  .. it’s like proof of what I’m talking about.. that he reminds me of me.. in so many ways… He turned out to be one of the only men I came to value his opinion.. wanted to know how he felt about certain topics.. I was always waiting to see if I would be thinking the same idea…feel the same attitude toward the subject,,,  


all this ended.. (recently)… something happened .. he said something that I most definitely would not agree with… it just goes to show that at the end WE are Who we are …

I will find a few lessons in this experience.. I will try to learn something out of this… I know I will remember him and this very unique experience for a long time…

I’ve never told him this… it would probably shock HIM more than what it did me to realized we think the same… lmao

this blog was created with the inspiration of Malibu Red, Natural Mango juice, #3 ice cubes




About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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