1st time blogging about POLITICS

My take in this NYC Mayoral Election: lol

well  I am not someone who generally talks politics, honestly I don’t even follow up on who’s running or what they have done for us poor people..  Politics is sort of like baseball to me; I only get involved when it’s the mayor playoff.. but as a New Yorker I should be interested in this election for our beloved city upcoming Mayor election..

I am just going to lay it straight..

Weiner– you a weiner for sure… how many fucking women was it? perv…. I know you came clean (cause you got caught) but then after the city sort of forgives you .. here comes the pack of sluts just waiting to keep adding fire to the fuel… you have a fucking problem and I don’t fucking trust you.. now every time you and the other candidates are on t.v. the reporters just want to ask questions regarding the sexting .. totally ignoring the fact that you are running for Mayor and there are real questions that should be asked of you… you are married to someone in the game , you should of known this was coming and how dare you make it to that position and fuck things up .. loser

Quinn– what the fuck have you done in the past that is worth noticing ..shit… but you do try to make every fucking thing gay/lesbian  friendly .. foh.. crazy thing is I am for equal rights and gay marriages and blablabla.. but I am not ready for a gay female Mayor (sorry)  and besides you were already involved in council fund fraud.. claiming you didn’t know anything about it.. yeah right ..smh I don’t fucking trust you either.. even the fact that you buddy with Bloomberg scares the shit outta me..lol

Thompson – why do you keep running? but I got to give you props for running against Bloomberg.. at least  I didn’t read anything that got me upset on you , something about the library lion but other than that I couldn’t find anything so offensive.. so you seem to be one of the ones I might put a check on..

Liu- you need to speak up and have more balls… 2 problems with you 1. I don’t want that if you win you make it all about the Asia community and 2. you also was already involved in a fundraiser scandal where the FBI couldn’t trace more than half your donors … lol but you come in second to having my vote…

 Spitzer– prostitution scandal .. nuff said .. you should share a drink with Weiner… there you have it… lol

I wish I would of been into politics when I was younger, maybe I would of pursue this line of career .. I wish someone who runs for Mayor can address the homeless issue and junkies still in our streets.. Why can’t they come up with a solution to improve this matter. They always wasting time and money addressing the public on the same shit.. Wall street/sex/taking money for personal use.. I want real solution to real community  problems.. god I wish I would of gone into politics 20yrs back in history. I only pray my son (lol) would finish my new found dream hahaahahaha He can be Mayor one day , but I will be the one giving him the idea’s.. — feeling hopeful


happy blogging


ps I don’t mean to offend anyone or make them feel uncomfortable in what I just wrote. It’s my personal feelings and no one should debate others feelings..

Thank you


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A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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