I’m happy even though it’s temporary

I am definitely going to start this blog with a shout out.. to a few already steady followers.. lol… thanks

well I’m happy (at least today), like everyone in the planet (maybe even the universe) I have problems, worries, debt that takes a while to get outta of and the one that affects me the most regrets ..

I do.. and when you have kids all this multiply’s … but there is once in a while (it’s up to you to increase this) that you do feel {what you consider} happy (remember I previously commented on this) ima contribute this happiness to : that I made a choice.. a choice is so hurtful to make vs. a decision you must make (this is a whole nother,blog lol).. and what makes me happy is that after I made the choice it felt good.. I wasn’t feeling scared, or confused .. I felt happy.. lol so hopefully that would mean ima stick to it.. 🙂

I’m blogging in this heat… getting ready for


happy.summer blogging


About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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