goodbye generation x..


so how can I explain this.. I’m not old (40’s) and I know I’m not young  mid life seems to fit where I am in this stage. I’m a mother of 3 my oldest turning 16 soon. Where I mostly (always) get the lastest scoop is on the internet.. I rely on the web for stars gossip, latest trend, new slang (my least favorite), music, latest drugs and a whole bunch of other crap.. I use as my primary email. I have it set up that OMG is in my home page, at lunch time I usually watch (because it’s one of the only channel our free government box has reception at work)… it’s true, I’m not lying..

you see once upon a time I was a modern girl and knew what was what in the media world, the entertainment part of life. I was down with a few things. I use to use limewire (miss that illegal site lol) I use to watch music videos everyday and know the lastest dance, I use to know what the world (new york ) use to all be upset at.. then one day I don’t know what happen. I didn’t see this coming..I guess most folks that go thru this didn’t see it coming either.. As I remember it happening while I was at I decided it’s time to upgrade my phone.. this was just the beginning process of leaving this generation behind but I wasn’t aware of it, though life gives you hints if you have your eyes open.. I say this because I literally caught a headache trying to decide what phone to get..when did buying a phone become a dilema? I remember buying a phone according to how it now it’s a whole different level.. next I’ve notice all the negative attention among stars one right after the other wasn’t entertainment any longer it was straight up drama and scandals.. I’m like this is too much for me so I unconsciously stopped watching t.v. or anything associated with the  stars (rhianna/chris brown ect..or is it etc.) and it never caught my attention ever since.. I couldn’t keep up.. PS: I’ve never watched a reality show in my life.. thank you..
now the clothing .. holy cow (old school saying) I have a 10yr old daughter and shopping for her has not been fun why because these damn trend makes styling at any age for girls look trashy and sexy 😦 including brand name stores that also give in to the fashion of today..  so here I am still getting shocked every time I go shopping for her (esp. summer clothes ewww – bathing suits are the worst).. I can’t deal with this lay back acceptable attitude society has secretly made us comfortable with cause I don’t like it and I’m not comfortable..
I secretly like flower prints and pastel colors lol
forget about the music.. that’s a joke.. I have been listening to the same artist for years ( I think most are dead or retired) if a new artist catches my ear they usually don’t come up with enough albums to keep my ear. let me not front if I would still be able to download free music and transfer it to my ipod I might still be a little up on music.. it seems this is the generation of the one hit wonders .. or better yet it’s who you roll with.. cause where did all this crappy music come from..and how the hell (fuck) they become filthy rich on one or two songs? that’s crazy.. but you know it’s true..
well to speed this blog up because I can come up with a whole list of things I no longer am up on.. I now rely on my teenager and a few young co-workers (Erika and Sandra) to keep me updated on anything that’s hot at the moment trending before I become a dinosaur and by the time I have grandkids I might be a fossil.. 
  oh I have to mention this: the one thing I will never ever get up on is using slang.. I might have let out a few already in this post or previous but believe me those are not slang they old school sayings.. older than most people reading this blog.. I’m talking about these words like

turned up, bird, deuces, yolo

oh hell no.. I’ll pass on those words..

so I started writing this blog on my way to the gym.. lasted 1 hour doing weights, class was cancelled and so now I’m on my way home .. finally able to post this blog..

peace lol
sonia (old school) generation X..

pss.. Dear readers should I had written more? would love some input.


About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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