what exactly is in my purse/bags/tote


Well today ima blog about what exactly is in my purse/bags/totes and any other bags that I carry on my way to work every freaking morning…

let me start with the easiest bag  I have today  which is a heavy plastic bag full of papers and old pics I want to shred.. where I work at there’s  not that many employees so my supervisor doesn’t mind when we use the shredder for personal use but I still didn’t want to get caught with this heavy bag for shredding.. he might think it will take me hours.. what else can I say about this bag..I usually shred about every 3 months.

next I’ll tell you what’s in my tote bag.  This bag I carry daily and change the contents in it often. This go around I have my current Avon books (I’m saving this for another blog lol), I have my new gym sneakers, I have a water bottle, I also have 2 blogging books (from the http://nypl.com ), the book Think like a man, act like a Lady by

Steve Harvey

, which I haven’t even started to read. I also carry the book Tarot From novice to pro by Colette Brown, a pen and a few index cards for notes.. what else can I say about this tote.. this is the tote I sometimes carry my lunch in or if I buy from the supermarket or Duane Reade and it fits I also put it in here.. this is my most helpful tote .. I change it every few months.


my third and final bag which  is my primary bag. I change this bag about 2x every few months. The one I carry now is one of my favorite. It was a bday gift.


in it I have a wallet.. a fucking heavy empty wallet with only a pic of my niece.. I didn’t even notice this shit until now that I’m going over my contents inside this wallet and besides a few receipts and 1pic its totally empty.. Wow! this wallet is staying home tomorrow..


I have a wash cloth with a bar of soap in a plastic container.. I have a habit of washing my face a few times a day especially during the summer heat.. call it mild ocd or hygienic craziness but as far as I can remember I’ve always carried soap and cloth.. 


in this bag is also 2 mini bags (wtf) ok one of them carries makeup (black) and it’s basic makeup in case I need it (I just decided this bag stays home too), the other one (gold) carries: an extra phone battery,cash, chapstick,metro card, and another mini metal wallet with my credit cards this is the very important bag inside my bag. lmao this blog is making me laugh..


next we have folded flats.. I guess I have these simply because they fit inside the bag..cause I don’t wear these at work or outdoors.. so why the hell do I carry these.. another item I will leave home..


I carry my Nintendo XL DS.. I use to play with this a very long time ago.. but now I’m stuck on games that I play on my phone 😦  I think this is another item that I will leave home..it’s pretty heavy and I don’t play with it.. maybe if I leave it home knowing it’s not in my bag ima want to start playing with it again.


OMG. you’re not gonna believe this.. but I found another pair of folded flats.. damn .. what is wrong with me lol


moving on after my shock.. I have another book on tarot, the Ultimate Guide to the

Rider Waite

I’ve had this book on me for a few years.. this is one of those items that is a must have inside my bag..

then I have an umbrella and 2 pair of glasses.  my reading one and sunglasses which I hardly use neither of them smh


another wash cloth .. this one ima leave at work since I didn’t know I had 2 ..


then miscellaneous things on the bottom of my bag: moisturizer, perfume,tylenol,hand sanitizer,ipod,games for the ds,a heavy lock for when I go to the gym,a pen, a lipstick and muscle relaxers pills lol


next I have my Tarot Cards

lastly I have my agenda book.. in this book I keep all appts. reminders, forms I have to fill out, school papers, whatever it’s in here.. may I present to you my life..this right here weights about 3lbs.it gets opened everyday (mon-friday) I am lost without this book.. it might as well be my bible, or my book of spells lol without it bills will be late and appt. missed, without it I would have a hard time remembering my daily activites.. or passwords to most of my links..


well hope I’ve entertained you readers, I surely enjoyed this blog and now I’m off to go shred..

happy blogging


About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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