I don’t want to talk about my friends but

I usually post my blogs to share with fb but not this one.. lol

so I’m in my friends apartment in New Jersey with 4 others.. (adults) I’ve never been here before, actually I don’t even do NJ.. but I decided what the heck ..I followed instructions and got here safe..and with batteries on my phone..

btw I’m blogging in her bathroom so I have to make it quick don’t want her to think I’m doing #2
well the purpose of this blog is to say these adults are either playing

Candy Crush

or on some type of social network.. lol I guess I’m doing the same thing hahahaha damn now what.. ima about to blog this about my friends on their phones and I quickly am doing the same thing.. see why the world is crazy to prove something I guess we have to do it too?

anyways to my defense I wasn’t on my phone before I decided to blog..

I am now going to quickly come up with old fashion things to do.. hope my friend has playing cards or board games or fuck it ima suggest we play truth or dare.. I just can’t believe this .. I truly miss hanging out in a apartment and having fun.. 😦 

ok gotta go before they think I’m sick..


todays drink jello shot



About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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