my first attemp at linking

Hi ,

Today I returned 4 of the books I checked out from the (yeah my 1st link) about blogging.. I say they were all well worth reading and looking over. I learned the basic and some terminologies that I will not use in the outside world lol thing I also got from reading and learning new things is that I am, I am, I am ready to go back to college.. I know my brain enjoyed being used lol

random thought:
well I just want to say that I was feeling sorry for Heather Armstrong who is mentioned in almost all the books I’ve read about blogging for being fired from her job for items posted on her personal blog, but how cool it must be that now her blog name of “dooced” is supported as a term used meaning ”

getting fired for something you’ve written on your website

” now look at her all Ms…Popular and making blogging her occupation. Congrats ! better you than me.. lol I wouldn’t be able to turn this into a business. I just have to keep in mind job related post are off limits to me 🙂

hope my links attached correctly and that it does send you to the right places .. lol



About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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