a few hours later and 3 drinks gone


3 books later and all I got was how blogging started, why the blogging started, where I can go if I want to start a blog, who is blogging, what is the most popular blogging topic lol so I guess my next book would have to be on WordPress blogging if I’m to get anywhere since this is what I’m using.  

I know I have a list of topics I wanted to discussed but like always I misplaced it. yep I misplace things a lot.. guess that’s what happens when you have 3 kids and a cat.. I’ll find it eventually. it’s probably with my to do list that I hardly ever do or along with the endless index cards that I write easy quick recipes that I don’t get to try cause quite frankly they are not fast or easy.  I figured out that in order for you to cook quick you must already have the ingredients chopped up it take like 2 days to cook a 30minute meal in my house..

Well this feels weird.. until I get the hang of this and some followers, I guess I’m pretty much talking to myself..

let me go look for this list..



About sonia3kids

A single mother of 3.. and so much thoughts going inside my mind... I like to keep busy and learn new things. I love life and some of the things it offers. I love that YOU have the power and control to choose what you will do with your own life.. your choices your lessons your PROBLEMS lol
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5 Responses to a few hours later and 3 drinks gone

  1. I just started my blog last week. I had wanted to write, and one day I just stopped making excuses and went at er.’ I also hope to gain some followers (I have a few) Good first post, you sound like me lol.

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